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Become a Broadcast Member of Wells Bring Hope by giving three minutes a week to broadcast our messages to your social network. By doing this, you can help save lives, empower women, educate girls, and transform lives for generations to come. With that small amount of time, you can make a large and meaningful contribution.

what would happen if...

One thousand people on Facebook, Twitter, and other social network vehicles sent out or retweeted our messages three times a week? We would reach at least a half a million people in just one month! You can be a part of this.

Facebook Users:
Begin by joining us on facebook.com/wellsbringhope and clicking the “like” icon. Our postings will then show up in your newsfeed. When you see our postings, simply click the “share” icon or copy and paste the content into you status window to share it with your friends.

Twitter Users:
Begin by following us at twitter.com/wellsbringhope. Then retweet our messages, reply to postings, and recommend us on Follow Fridays.

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