What Is It

For one day, attempt to limit water your usage to seven gallons a day, which is a high estimate of how much the average African uses.

For every gallon over seven that you use, donate $1.00 to Wells Bring Hope.

Film yourself sharing the results of the challenge. At the end of the video, call on a friend or two to take the challenge too. Post the video to social media using the hashtag #7gallonchallenge. Don't forget to tag the friends that you challenged!

Why Do It

By limiting your daily your water use and documenting the experience, both you and the people you share your experiences with will learn how little seven gallons of water actually is, and you'll be more of aware of the massive amounts of water Western countries consume on a daily basis.

By sharing the experience of participating in the challenge and calling on others to take it as well, we can raise awareness of the global water crisis and what Wells Bring Hope is doing to save lives with safe water.


  • From the second you wake up, carry a journal/paper with you so that you can write down all water consumption.
  • Also, write down any thoughts/feelings you have during the day about the challenge so you can share them later!
  • Do not forget to drink water! It is vital to your health to drink at least a half gallon of water everyday, especially if you are doing any physical activity.

Water usage for common activities:

Water Usage
2 gallons/flush
Use toilets with automatic flushes.
Flush as few times as possible
26 gallons on average
Don't take a bath!
3 gallons/min
Take short showers!
Take a "Navy shower": use water to get wet, then turn the water off while washing your hair or shaving, turning on to rinse.
Brushing Teeth/
Washing Hands
Older faucets can use up to 5 gallons/min
Turn off water while brushing.
Get your hands wet, then turn off while lathering. Rinse as quickly as possible
Washing Machines
14-24 gallons/wash
Most clothes can be worn multiple times without smelling bad!
Dishwashing by Hand
8-27 gallons
Varies greatly, depending on how efficiently you wash dishes. Newer kitchen faucets use around 2 gallons per minute.
Lower water use by soaking dishes in soapy water before starting and not letting the water run while you wash. Another effective method is having two basins of water - one with hot, soapy water and the other with warm water to rinse.
Energy Star rated - 4 gallons.
Other models - 6 gallons
In most cases dishes do not need to be rinsed before being added to the dishwasher.
1/2 gallon per day
Fill a water bottle in the morning and keep track of how often you refill. Don't forget to count the water used for tea and coffee.

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