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Water Circle - Well A Water Circle is a way for you to start your own fundraising campaign among your friends, family, classmates, community or congregation right here on this website. You create your own individual page that will track your donations and let everyone see what you've done. A "Water Circle" can be created in honor of or in memory of a friend or loved one or to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, graduation, life passages and holidays like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day. Setting it up is so easy. And we'll track all of your online donations right on your page.

To start a water circle

Step 1 Create an account with Wells Bring Hope or if you have an account, click here to get started.

Step 2 Name your Water Circle, something that will distinguish it from others.

Step 3 Set a goal. How much do you want to raise? A well costs $5,600. You can change your goal at any time.

Step 4 Customize your page. Just click your name on the Water Circle/Team Fundraising page and then “Edit.” You can add photos and turn on the thermometer that will track your team’s progress. If you need help customizing your page, contact Kate at:

Step 5 In the Fundraising Content box, add some text to your Water Circle page, anything you’d like people to know--why you’re doing it, who’s involved, your goal/vision, events. Check out other Water Circles if you need some inspiration.

Step 6 Check the link to view your page and make sure that everything looks okay. Now start promoting your Water Circle! Click on your page icons to share it through email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Read Why Others started Water Circle

For Panda Associates, the vision for this giving is To Transform Lives Through Safe Water. Giving people clean drinking water seamlessly supports and brings into action Panda’s mission of delivering exceptional Asian dining experiences by “building an organization where people are inspired to better their lives.” We have established this Panda Restaurants’ Water Circle to implement our Giving Value and we reach out to all Panda Associates to support it. Panda Restaurant Group

Lynly’s Water Circle, created as an enduring testament to the spirit and love of Lynly Fischler, and to the goodness that continues to flow from her life. Tragically, Lynly succumbed to metastatic breast cancer in April 2010. Lynly was especially sympathetic to the plight of women and girls in developing Africa, so supporting Wells Bring Hope in her honor to increase villager’s access to clean, safe water has proven to be a wonderful tribute to her. Scott Fischler

The prospect of giving girls the opportunity to get an education is so dear to my heart. I have read that if you educate a girl you have affected an entire village. With the drilling of a well, women and girls no longer need walk miles and miles for water. Now there will be time for the girls to learn. My goal is to raise $5,600, the cost of one well. I’ve kicked off my fundraising campaign with $500, but I need your help. I am going to match every dollar that anyone donates. Maryann Rincsch

IMPORTANT: When donating, click on the name of the Water Circle you wish to support; then click the Donate button at the bottom of the team fundraising page.