KNBC Screenshot Spotlight on Kevin Cool Kid D.A. Gil Garceti
Watch Wells Bring Hope on KNBC Spotlight on Kevin
Kilroy's Fundraising Efforts
ABC Eyewitness News
"Cool Kid Raises
Awareness of African
Water Issues" ABC News

"Former D.A. Gil
Garcetti Creating
Speak with Passion

Kristin Allen interview Barbara Goldberg Glamor Magazine Manhattan Beach Patch
Interview with
Kristen Allen
America's Radio
News Network

"Barbara Goldberg.
Founder of Wells
Bring Hope. The
Power of Renewal
and Responsiveness"
Speak with Passion
"31 Days of Giving"
Glamour Magazine
"Musical Comedy
About a Drought
Raises Funds to Build
Wells in Africa" Manhattan Beach Patch

"Wells Bring Hope"
The Cosair
Santa Monica College