Kate McEvilly was inspired to start a Wells Bring Hope club at her school after attending a presentation by Gil Garcetti about the water crisis in West Africa. Through Kate's hard work, her club has grown to include 25 members and has raised enough money for several wells. Read Kate's blog or visit the club's Water Circle to read about the clever ways they have been raising money.

Dennis Ojogho was a senior at L.A. High when Wells Bring Hope founder and president Barbara Goldberg spoke about water to his Environmental studies class. Barbara's stories of the of the heavy burden borne by the women of Niger reminded Dennis of his own mother's tales of walking for water during her childhood in Nigeria, so he was determined to help. One of his most effective awareness-raising efforts was a water walk.

Kevin Kilroy was inspired by the stories in Gil Garcetti's book Water is Key. After reading about the daily struggles that girls in Niger face, she created a presentation for her church and school. In one weekend, Kevin spoke at five masses and raised enough money for two wells! She continued to work tirelessly, and raised over $100,000! Visit Kevin's Water Circle, and see her on ABC's Cool Kids segment.

Kevin Shi demonstrated that there are many ways to contribute to Wells Bring Hope. Kevin helped to spread the word about Wells Bring Hope by writing a moving essay about volunteering and submitting it to Teen Ink. The editors or Teen Ink were so impressed by Kevin's essay that they awarded him the Editor's Choice Award.

Contact Kate Cusimano or click here to see how to get your whole school involved.