About Us

Our wells don't fall into a state of disrepair. Before a well is drilled, a committee is formed to administer it. The government of Niger mandates that half the committee be comprised of women, giving them voice in their community for the first time.

Why Do Wells Fail

Inappropriate technology, e.g.
what PlayPumps International employed, which wastes many millions of donor dollars.
What PlayPumps International employed.

Poor construction due primarily to the employment of inexperienced workers and the use of inadequate equipment.

Lack of rural community involvement due primarily to a failure to properly train villagers in well maintenance.

Lack of follow-up in the form of ongoing training and maintenance, funding for and access to spare parts, and access to professional support services.

The Failure Rate of Wells in Sub-Saharan Africa is Very High

Source: The International Institute for Environment and Development, 2009.

Source: The International Water and Sanitation Centre in the Netherlands, 2009.

Source: World Vision in Ghana from October 1995 - March 2003.

We educate villagers on how to maintain their well. They are responsible for its operation.

Everyone contributes a small fee to the well maintenance fund.

If anything goes wrong, they can pull from the maintenance fund for repairs.

Maintenance for the well is ongoing to ensure that
it remains operational and safe for years to come.

Villagers feel pride of ownership - but know that our partner World Vision is on the ground in case of an emergency.