Most Nigerien girls are unable to attend school. Why? Their time is taken up walking 4-6 miles every day to help their mothers get water for their families.

In Niger, only 50% of girls attend elementary school, 10% go to middle school, and only 2% go to high school!

When a village well is drilled, girls go to school, often for the first time in the history of the village. 

With an education, girls marry later and bear children later, reducing the chances of death in childbirth, and life debilitating problems like obstetric fistula.

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Gross National Income per Capita $47, 240 $340
% of People Living on Less Than $2/Day 0% 86%
Life Expectancy 79 53
Infant Mortality (Deaths/1,000 Live Births) 8 110
Lifetime Risk of Maternal Death 1/2100 1/15
Maternal Deaths per 100,000 Live Births 24 820
Literacy Rate 98% 28%
% of Primary School Girls Out of School 0% 86%
% of Women Married by Age 19 3% 77%
Median Age of Women at First Marriage 25.1 15.6