The women of Niger are an inspiration, not only because of their ability to work hard, but because of their resiliency and vision.
They are mothers who want a better life for their children, and they know the path they must take to get there. They know that getting a well in their village can change everything, putting an end to the physical hardship of their lives. It is what will enable their children, both girls and boys, to get an education.
When you live in a place where it is not unusual for children to die from unsafe water, you might feel a sense of doom hanging over your head.
Not the women of Niger. They know that if safe water comes to their village, everything will change. That dream is what keeps them going. On our trips to Niger, we have recorded our informal chats with close to 100 women and girls in Niger. We came away from these conversations dedicated to helping them in whatever way we could. Here are some profiles of women and girls who might inspire you too.
Dan Dadi School
Baria has a clear vision for her future and knows that an education will help make that a reality.
Village: Garin Maikaka
We first met with her a week before her village got a well. Here we speak with her again, three years later.
Village: Garin Maikaka
Hama describes the many ways that everyday life has changed since a well was drilled in her village.
Village: Garin Maikaka
Aisha talks about how physically taxing it was to retrieve water before a well was drilled in her village and about how happy she is that her children will always have safe water.
Dan Dadi School
Kouloula is so grateful for the opportunity to go to school, and she dreams of becoming a leader so she can help.