2019 Successes

As we start to think about the holidays and the end of the year, we thought we’d share photos of just a few of the wells that you made possible in 2019.

On behalf of the people of Niger, thank you. Nagode!


Completed February 7, 2019
Serves 300 people
Funded by Noosh Brands


Completed March 16, 2019
Serves 566 people
Funded by five individual donors

Alfaga Koira

Completed March 20, 2019
Serves 389 people
Funded by Katelynn’s Water Circle


Completed May 1, 2019
Serves 747 people
Funded by Bliss Car Wash

Harikouka School

Completed April 30, 2019
Serves 182 people
Funded by Stanley Black


Completed May 3, 2019
Serves 388 people
Funded by 14 individual donors

Dan Madatchi

Completed July 12, 2019
Serves 810 people
Funded by the Million Dollar Round Table and 14 individual donors

Anabouta 2

Completed September 23, 2019
Serves 267 people
Funded in memory of Cely Arndt

Anabouta 3

Completed September 23, 2019
Serves 267 people
Funded by the Wells Bring Hope Club at Chadwick School

Garin Maizouma

Completed September 23, 2019
Serves 319 people
Funded by  Bliss Car Wash