By Vasti Carrion

Source: Max R – ooyooy

1. Read
One way to help Niger, the world’s least developed country, is to read news about the current
affairs of the country. In Niger, “more than 10 million people (41.8% of the population) were
living in extreme poverty in 2021” according to Our awareness of Niger’s
issues will help us be informed citizens who can develop suitable ideas to help Nigeriens address
poverty. Reading helps us understand Niger, discover Niger, and interpret Niger.

2. Volunteer
Volunteering with organizations that assist Niger can help improve the statistics for education,
water scarcity, and political development. By investing your time in Niger, you are letting
people know that it’s an important country, and it makes a statement that Niger should not be
ignored. Helping Niger by volunteering can help you give back while helping Nigeriens become
more sustainable in living their lives.

3. Advocate
Another manner you can help Niger is to let your family and friends know about the country and
its struggles. You can recommend Niger to people by sharing your facts, knowledge, and the beauty
the country beholds—this is the very definition of what advocacy means. Share on your social
media your commentary, opinions, art, and writing about Niger and what the country needs most to
improve its development and human expectancy. Be vocal about how much you care about this

4. Fundraise

You can fundraise for Niger and donate the money to various non-profits (such as Wells Bring
Hope) who focus on Niger. By fundraising, you are adding another meaning to the word “money”
that can sometimes sound hollow in our mouths. Fundraising means more than money; it means