Wear Your Support

Specially created for Wells Bring Hope, it’s a great conversation piece, an opening to tell people about and ask them to join our cause. A simple, elegant design that goes with almost everything! 

As a gift, it is giving something more than just a unique look — it conveys your generosity of spirit.

Donate $50 or more, and email kate@wellsbringhope.org to request your necklace.

Included in the organza bag is a postcard with a picture of a Nigerien woman and these words on the back:

This necklace symbolizes the power of women to…

  • Be flexible… to do what is necessary to ensure the survival of their loved ones.
  • Have a vision…the clarity of this necklace symbolizes the ability of women to look to the future, to move ahead with a clear purpose, to never lose sight of what is possible, even in the darkest hours.
  • Be strong…the solid metal is a reflection of our strength and connection to each other, giving sustenance in time of need.
  • Link to a never-ending chain of sisterhood that strives for the best in all of us.

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