It’s hard for Southern Californians to believe that an event they’ve planned–a walk in the Santa Monica Mountains for World Water Day–got rained out but that is exactly what happened. However, that didn’t stop us from having a fun and very successful event!

About 40 of us came together to honor a remarkable 14 year old girl, Kevin Kilroy who made a very short presentation to her church during five Masses and raised enough money for two wells, $11,200! Here’s Kevin, lifting a container filled with water, equivalent to what women in Niger carry every day.

Gil Garcetti, former L.A. County District Attorney and renown photographer presented Kevin with one of his photos, one of a girl in a classroom. The photograph conveys a very crucial benefit of drilling a well in a village—girls go to school and get an education, something they would not be able to do if they had to spend all their time helping their mothers walk miles to get water.

Kevin’s persuasive abilities are clear as is her purpose. She has also inspired her school to help drills wells in Niger and through various fundraisers they have done and more to come.