Water for a Health Clinic

Can you imagine a health clinic without water?

Doctors and nurses can’t wash their hands or instruments between patients.

Laboring mothers must bring their own water to their delivery.

The World Health Organization estimates that the lives of 400,000 babies could be saved each year if health facilities had access to safe water and sanitation.

A safe water system will dramatically reduce mortality rates for mothers and babies.

It will also transform the whole experience of childbirth.

It’s a large-scale water project specially designed for clinics.

Unlike traditional hand pump wells, this solar-powered system draws the cool, clean water from deep underground and delivers it to taps throughout the clinic with an unlimited supply of safe water.

Hand washing stations and a waste disposal system will promote good hygiene.

“Before there was water at the community health clinic, women suffered greatly when they gave birth. During this period the deliveries were more complicated because it was impossible maintain good hygiene.  I know, because I gave birth to two of my children in these difficult conditions. When I gave birth to my third child, the health center had just been equipped with a pump. I was one of the first moms.  After giving birth I was treated to a full bath. The acquisition of water restored our dignity.”

“As a woman, I was obliged to deliver babies to women like me in these bad hygienic conditions. There were no alternatives. To give life is the hardest test. Sometimes two or three women gave birth, one after another, and we had only one delivery table that could not be cleaned properly for a lack of water. Getting this pump has allowed us to give all of our patients better care.  All of the instruments used are washed and sterilized immediately.”

“It was really a horror when I saw myself covered with blood. The water available was not enough to wash my baby, myself, and the instruments during my deliveries. Today I thank God that other women can give birth in better conditions and won’t have to go through what I did.’’ 

Goal: Install one water system at a health clinic

# Served: 8,000 – 10,000 people a year

Cost: $50,000

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