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Self Love Cosmetics

Panda Restaurant Group

Since partnering with us in 2011, Panda Restaurant Group has been an incredible example of the power that socially responsible corporations have to affect change. In addition to running a company-wide employee giving campaigns and matching all employee donations, Panda Restaurant Group fully underwrites our operating expenses, making it possible for us to send 100% of all donations directly to funding wells.

Bliss Car Wash

Bliss Car Wash is committed to helping save the environment, water, and our future. In our operations, we reclaim over 70% of our water usage,  which means we clean cars with much less water. We also use only biodegradable, eco-friendly, and sustainable products. As a company that’s growing quickly, we are mindful about preserving the planet. In the spirit of water conservation, we have partnered with Wells Bring Hope, donating the dollar amount equivalent of one well for each location we open. We look forward to continuing this partnership and helping as many lives as possible.

Noosh Brands

Noosh Brands is committed to producing wholesome, 100% almond-based products for families. As a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise [WEBNC], Noosh Brands truly believes in the goodness of Wells Brings Hope. Noosh Brands loves that 100% of their donation goes to drilling wells that save lives and empower women and girls in amazingly powerful ways—most notably by providing clean, accessible water for their families.


Self Love Cosmetics

Self Love Cosmetics is not just a makeup brand, its a movement! When you love yourself, you can share the love with others and change lives, which is why we are supporting Wells Bring Hope. We are grateful that 100% of our donation to WBH is directly providing clean and safe water to many families. Community empowerment is priceless.

“Panda Restaurant Group associates and business partners strive to lessen the burden of those in need, to foster goodwill and promote a spirit of giving within our communities. We have a unified goal of improving others’ lives, of which I am very proud.”

Andrew Cherng, Chairman and Founder

“Wells Bring Hope is the definition of what our company stands for, because at Bliss Car Wash, we are water warriors. We believe water is life and we fight to conserve it at every turn. We’re all part of life on this planet, and together we can make it better. By helping to bring fresh, safe water to people who need it most, we are not only giving life, we are giving hope, we are giving dreams, and we are giving a future to those who need it.”

– David Delrahim, CEO & Founder, Bliss Car Wash

“As a mother of two young children and a business owner, I see the influence for good that women and womanhood have in world. We’ve chosen to use a portion of our annual revenue to change lives…no, actually, to save lives by giving generously to Wells Bring Hope.”

 Sarine Sahatjian, CEO & President Noosh Brands

“Self Love Cosmetics was created with the goal of giving back. We are honored to be able to contribute to Wells Bring Hope and most importantly, to inspire others to do so as well.”

Lucy Almeida, CEO & Founder Self Love Cosmetics

The following companies have also supported us, and we hope you’ll support them too.



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There are many ways that businesses and foundations of all sizes can join with us to become a force for good in the world.



  • Direct corporate gift
  • Event sponsorship
  • Auction items
  • Percentage of sales
  • Matching gift program


  • Employee campaign
  • Customer campaign
  • Round-up sale


  • Media support
  • Marketing tie-in
  • Event integration
  • Social media support

We are also grateful for the support of the following generous foundations and institutions whose commitment to doing good makes our work possible.

Aaron Marks Foundation

Abbe Murthy Charitable Fund

Arthur and Edith Stern Family Foundation

Benenson Family Foundation

Brach Family Foundation

Charities Aid Foundation

Cornelia Hodge Fund

Dame Family Foundation

Denise, Michael & Liora Jacob Philanthropic Fund

Erich and Delia Koenig Foundation

The Favrot Fund

Friese Family Foundation

The Greenberg Foundation

Haynes Foundation

International Monetary Fund

Jalali Foundation

Joseph and Fiona Stone Fund

Lappen Family Foundation

Margaret M. Bloomfield Family Foundation

Mark and Marsha Hierbaum Charitable Fund

Pasadena Community Fund

The Peace Fund

Pledgling Foundation

Red Leaf Family Foundation

Reed Foundation

Rise Up Foundation

Robert and Lois Jacob Philanthropic Foundation

Rothstein Kass Foundation

The Sklar Family Foundation

South Church (Andover, MA)

The Stanley and Joyce Black Family Foundation

Stephen S. Wise Temple

Warren Woods Baptist Church

Waters Foundation

Zimmer Family Foundation

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