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I love to support your cause because I have a great respect for water and for your mission. I grew up in rural Newfoundland, Canada, while it’s not comparable to the areas of the world where you drill wells, we were not well off in the early days of my childhood. I remember carrying water and helping my parents do so, and it wasn’t far, but it gave me an appreciation for water and that appreciation has lasted my whole life. That is why I love to support you and I do it in memory of my parents, who are both gone now. If I can help even one family to have water close by, then I am happy. Keep up the good work. I always spread the word to family and friends about your organization in the hopes that they can help as well, and pass the message along.

Sandra F., donor


I volunteered for WBH for over a year because I have yet to come across an organization that cares as deeply about its mission. This is a group of people who are looking to make a big change by thinking about helping those among us who are the worst off, the poorest and yet full of equal potential. What could be more powerful than saving lives with clean water? On top of that, as a new father I LOVE that this organization doesn’t stop at drilling wells, they go the extra mile in empowering women with newfound free time to become intelligent, savvy entrepreneurs and lift the economic spirit of their village.

Kyle M., Former Volunteer


…I have seen a lot of nonprofit organizations and even more volunteers of NPOs and I have never seen such dedication to helping impoverished women in such a poor part of the world… I don’t contribute to the “big” charities but this one is on top of my list.

Lois Z., Donor


I have been involved with this organization as a volunteer for several years and was initially drawn to them by the financial model they offer. 100% of every dollar donated to WBH goes to drilling wells and the modest administrative expenses that WBH has is paid through a grant from a corporation. I had never heard of a model like this so I knew my money would get to the cause. And what a cause! Nothing changes the lives of people like clean water does and in the poorest country in the world, Niger, in West Africa. This organization will keep getting my donation, year after year. Wonderful!

Anonymous, Donor/Volunteer


I LOVE donating to this organization. My business donates 10% to three charities each month, giving each client the option to choose. Wells Bring Hope always responds in such beautiful ways. They do NOT send me letters, with envelopes, asking for more but instead, come from a place of abundance and gratitude, letting me know how my donations have made a difference in people’s lives. I love this! Instead of “More! More!” I hear “Thank you.” This organization seems to operate from love and abundance and gratitude and that is in line with my mission.

Peggy J., Donor


As a member of the International Monetary Fund’s Civic Program Advisory Committee from 2006 to 2012, I reviewed hundreds of requests for grants and therefore, I know well the range of nonprofits’ performances and effectiveness…

Since 2015, I have been supporting Wells Bring Hope because it maintains every element that I look for in supporting a nonprofit:

  1. A clear mission and evidence of progress in fulfilling it
  2. Provision of measurable results
  3. Little to no waste
  4. Sustainability
  5. Opportunity for complimentary programs (economic empowerment for women)
  6. A committed team of volunteers
  7. Reputable and reliable partners.

I highly recommend supporting Wells Bring Hope today!

Jennifer R., Former Board Member


Let me preface my review by noting I’m Scottish. We are a people who do not like spending money, and we squeeze every penny’s worth of value out of what we do spend. It’s what we do.  Wells Bring Hope represents that incredible value that I naturally look for. That’s why I’ve parted with money and time for this organization. Your donation grows in impact from the moment it reaches WBH.

Nick B. Donor/Volunteer


I was motivated to join Wells Bring Hope when I attended a presentation by Gil Garcetti on the plight of villagers in West Africa. I was moved by photos of young girls who had to walk many miles, sometimes several times a day, to fetch water. As a result, they could never go to school. I knew almost immediately that I had to do something to help stem this cycle. WBH offered the opportunity to join a number of like-minded folks, and we ARE making a difference!

Anonymous, Donor


Wells Bring Hope is one of the most well-managed and successful organizations I’ve ever worked with. I’ve worked with many non-profits over the last forty-two years as a professional fundraiser and board member and this one is at the top of my list.

Jan D., Donor


I want to express my gratitude to the Wells Bring Hope team for their warm welcome and inclusion into their family. As an individual residing in an area heavily affected by water scarcity [Zimbabwe], I am deeply moved by the opportunity to make a positive impact through my writing, particularly in reaching out to vulnerable populations who could benefit from it. 

Tawanda M., Volunteer

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