Stories from the Field

When a well is drilled in a village, life improves dramatically. Having clean water transforms lives in ways that we in the developed world never think of.


It takes an abundant supply of water to make bricks to build houses, something new to the village of Koursadi, where people lived for generations in huts made of straw. When 50% of their time is freed up from getting water, mothers can take better care of their children. Family relationships improve because women are no longer stressed from walking many miles to get water. When women cook with clean water, food tastes so much better. All these things add up to an improved quality of life.

Kara Kaptchi

Kara Kaptchi is located in Zinder, one of the most remote areas of Niger. After their well was drilled, we spoke to mothers who expressed pride about their girls going to school because they no longer have to carry water. Both mothers and daughters have visions of the younger generation becoming doctors, nurses, teachers.


When famine was imminent as it was in Miyaki in 2012, our partner, World Vision supplied malnourished children and pregnant women with nutritional supplements to sustain them. Wherever we drill a well, we continue working with that village for 15+ years to help promote good health and sustainability.

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Stories of Women

The women of Niger are an inspiration because of their resilience and vision. They want the same things as mothers everywhere: to keep their children safe and healthy and to give them an education.

Meet Rabi

Village: Garin Maikaka
We first met with her a week before her village got a well. Here we speak with her again, three years later.

Meet Hama

Village: Garin Maikaka
Hama describes the many ways that everyday life has changed since a well was drilled in her village.

Meet Aisha

Village: Garin Maikaka
Aisha talks about how physically taxing it was to retrieve water before a well was drilled in her village and about how happy she is that her children will always have safe water.

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