by Cathie Lippman, M.D

The evening was a huge success, with close to 100 people attending. Millicent Gappell’s piano concert, featuring classical music and the musicians who composed for Hollywood in the 1940′s, 50′s and 60′s, was brilliant. After a wine intermezzo and desserts under the stars, we were entertained by our divas in the Cabaret. Marion Ramsey, Patti B. and Lynda Levy serenaded us, accompanied by Ron Snyder on keyboard. We thank them for putting on fabulous show.

Best of all, this exciting evening raised over $12,000, enough to drill two wells. in Niger, West Africa. Our deep gratitude goes to Millicent Gappell who conceived of and made the evening possible. Special thanks to Allison Johnson, at the second piano, empressario, Chuck Marso, Event Planner, Carol Rosen, assisted by Joyce Fletcher, and photographer Peter Fletcher. The evening was topped off by Ben & Jerry’s ice cream sundaes, thanks to the very generous Jennifer Gedrick of Ben & Jerry’s Century City.

Some comments from our guests:

Congratulations! You must be very pleased with not only the outcome of this event, but also by all you have been able to accomplish in such a short time. Your vision and hard work are bringing your goals to fruition and helping thousands in Africa lead better lives in the future. I applaud your efforts and will support you in any way I can.

Maureen Winick

It was a great evening. Thank you for the privilege of contributing in such a delightful way.