Water Scarcity and the Human Factor – Finding Common Ground

By Stephenie Griffin Many children in classrooms around the world can recite the steps of the hydrologic orwater cycle– evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation, and runoff. It is thenatural process of water moving from the ground to the atmosphere and back again. Acontinuous cycle that doesn’t add to or take away from Earth’s ecosystems. But is… Read more »

Niger’s Economic Boom

By Tawanda Mukwekwezeke Despite facing economic challenges and being classified as a low-income country, Niger is emerging as a beacon of positive change and resilience on the global stage. In the face of adversity, Niger is charting an upward trajectory with a forecasted 12.5% GDP growth in 2024, outshining many other nations. The nation’s resourcefulness… Read more »

A Voice from Zimbabwe

By Tawanda Mukwekwezeke Growing up in the rural area of Marange, over 300 km from the bustling capital city of Harare, I have witnessed the challenges faced by my community. Marange is renowned for its abundant diamond reserves, but beyond the allure of these precious gems, there are pressing issues affecting the population of Zimbabwe…. Read more »

Celebrating 15 Years of Saving Lives with Safe Water

On Sunday, October 1st, Wells Bring Hope’s founder and president Barbara Goldberg welcomed over 150 guests to the home of Sukey and Gil Garcetti for the organization’s 15th Annual Fundraiser. The theme was “Back to the ‘60s” and featured music by DJ Raul Zavala and decor that set a mood that was upbeat and FUN!… Read more »

Niger and Climatic Migration

By Manvitha Prasad Kathula Source: NigerTZai Climate change is more than just hotter summers and colder winters. It often leads to mass migration – where people are forced to leave their homes behind as their environment becomes increasingly inhospitable. In Niger and most of Sub-Saharan Africa, rising temperatures, erratic rainfall, and a significant increase in… Read more »

Water Scarcity and Malnutrition: An Interconnected Challenge

By Tawanda Mukwekwezeke The global issues of water scarcity and malnutrition are closely intertwined. An exploration of this complex relationship reveals how lack of access to clean water perpetuates the cycle of hunger and poor health. In regions without reliable access to safe drinking water, people often suffer and die from preventable illnesses that can… Read more »

Transforming Schools, Transforming Futures

By Kayleigh Redmond and Kayla Ruff In 2021, 21 Nigerien children died when their school, which was made of straw, caught on fire. Not only were these straw buildings deemed physically unsafe, they were also considered to be unsuitable for students’ growth and development. Now, more than ever it is imperative for children to have… Read more »

Launch of the BIOFIN Initiative Brings Hope for a Sustainable Future in Niger

By Kayla Ruff Source: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay The Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) was officially launched in Niger on March 22, 2023. BIOFIN is a global partnership launched by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the European Commission, and the initiative works to measure existing biodiversity expenditure levels, assess future financial needs, and design… Read more »

African Drone and Data Academy Empowers Nigerien Youth

By Amber Persson Imagine that a mother of five in rural Niger suddenly develops a fever, headache, and nausea; the diagnosis—malaria. She must receive treatment as soon as possible before the swift-acting disease develops further. Unfortunately, her community is largely inaccessible by road, and there are no hospitals in the vicinity. It could take several… Read more »

Donor Appreciation Brunch

On Sunday, May 21st, some of Wells Bring Hope’s most loyal L.A.-based supporters gathered at the home of WBH president and founder Barbara Goldberg for a donor appreciation brunch. It was a glorious sunny day as we gathered in her Japanese garden. Guests sipped mimosas and bloody marys while enjoying delicious bagels (courtesy of Western… Read more »