The Nomadic Life in Niger

by Jennifer Dees I’ve always thought of the nomadic lifestyle as idyllic. I’ve spent hours reading travel blogs, staring at exotic pictures, and admiring those who’ve grabbed a backpack and left everything behind. I havn’t, however, given much thought to the realities of a nomadic lifestyle, or the struggles that come with constant travel. While… Read more »

Preschooler’s Water PSA

A quick PSA from blogger Andrea Levin’s daughter Lily: Back in 2010, two years before the California drought officially started, we had already attempted to teach our then 4-year-old daughter the importance of water conservation. Apparently, it worked because one day my husband turned the camera on her and she launched into this unscripted water… Read more »

Annual Fundraiser

Click here or on any image to see and download these and more event photos. On Sunday, September 10th, philanthropist, Stanley Black welcomed Wells Bring Hope back to his home for the fourth year in a row for its annual fundraiser. The day started off warm, but when it was time to sit down and… Read more »

Drought Differences: California vs. Niger

by Andrea Levin Everything was parched and brittle. Once lush and green, yards turned brown and eventually gave way to swaths of dirt and swirling dust. As California entered its sixth year of drought, groundwater evaporated, reservoirs dried up, and water restrictions were implemented. For citizens, it meant not watering your lawn, except on pre-approved,… Read more »

Refugee Response Plan

by Michelle Wolf The homes in my neighborhood typically sell pretty quickly. As each home is put up for sale, and that “SOLD” sign is inevitably hung, I find myself worrying about who is moving in. We’ll share an alley, the leaves from their maple trees will gracefully float into my treeless yard. I will… Read more »

Sweating with a Smile

by Shelton Owen A month ago, when I griped, “I’m hungry,” it probably meant that it was one o’clock and I had’t eaten since my muffin that morning. When I moaned, “I’m burning up,” I was probably lying by my pool trying to get a tan. Even today as I write this blog, I’m sitting in the… Read more »

Wells Bring Hope Club

by Andi Claman I am fortunate enough to say that, like most American girls my age, I don’t spend much time worrying about where my water comes from. Even during the extreme drought in California, the water ran from my faucet as if nothing was out of the ordinary. This is not the case for… Read more »

Meet the Blog Team

Shelton Owen is from Calvert City, Kentucky. She’s currently a senior in high school and will be attending the University of Alabama in the fall of 2017. As a sophomore, she was interested in expanding her horizons and volunteering with an international non-profit. Her interest was sparked when coming across Wells Bring Hope’s request for… Read more »

The Downside of an Eternal Summer

by Jennifer Dees We’re midsummer. Kids have been swimming for months. They’ve found out whether their skin is the type that tans or sunburns. They’ve gone to too many sleepovers to count. And at some point, usually around now, they’re checking the calendar for the day school starts. When I was a kid, I’d even… Read more »

Think You Could Deal With Even One Day Without Water?

by Andrea Levin We’ve become accustomed to switching on a light or instantaneously locating all the restaurants in a 1 mile radius on an app. But anyone who’s ever gone without electricity or their smartphone becomes profoundly aware of how easily we can take things for granted. Imagine if you had that same realization when… Read more »