Rethinking H20

When Wells Bring Hope began nearly ten years ago, our founder, Barbara Goldberg, decided to focus our efforts on only one country. We chose to drill wells only in Niger because it is the poorest country in the world, but there are people struggling with water security around the world, and today, we’d like to… Read more »

Philanthropic Messages in Super Bowl LII

by Meghan Rees Super Bowl LII: Tom Brady. Nick Foles. Justin Timberlake. We all know the Sunday superstars who took the field and entertained us at halftime. But the Patriots and Eagles weren’t the only ones scoring touchdowns in last night’s game. The Super Bowl is known for airing new commercials with innovative perspectives and… Read more »

A Taste of Nigerien Cuisine

by Jennifer Dees The U.S. offers a wide variety of restaurants: Italian, Mexican, Indian; so many fast food places you have to close your eyes not to see them. It’s intriguing that people consider these cuisines a staple in the United States, but don’t think much about their origin. I’ve recently started wondering what West… Read more »

Son of a Nutcracker!

by Andrea Levin Don’t be a cotton-headed ninny muggins! All donations are matched through the end of the year, so it’s the perfect time to spread a little cheer.  

Empowered Women: A Force for Political Progress in Niger

by Kris Coulston Education is the gateway for women to climb to positions of power and influence in the world. As Malala Yuusafzai has said, “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.” Education for women is crucial for progress and change in the world, and Malala’s words could not… Read more »

Improving Health with Clean Water

by Michelle Wolf There are 700,000 people in need of adequate healthcare in Diffa, including over 302,000 refugees living in refugee camps and displacement villages. Sixty-eight percent of the people in Diffa do not have access to healthcare. There are only 51 healthcare facilities in Diffa. Four of these facilities have been temporarily closed and… Read more »

Sanitation and Water Quality

by Isabella Schmitt I’m a new blogger Wells Bring Hope, so in deciding my first blog topic, I figured I’d start by looking first into Niger – its size, its water resources to see what rabbit hole I fell into from there. I have a background in science and am keenly interested in public health,… Read more »


by Andrea Levin

Investing in Clean Water Still Matters

by Stephanie Coles I’m a new addition to the Wells Bring Hope team. As I was learning more about the organization, I spent time reading and watching videos from the field. One story in particular stuck with me. A mother living in Zinder, Niger tells of her life before a well for safe water came… Read more »

The Nomadic Life in Niger

by Jennifer Dees I’ve always thought of the nomadic lifestyle as idyllic. I’ve spent hours reading travel blogs, staring at exotic pictures, and admiring those who’ve grabbed a backpack and left everything behind. I havn’t, however, given much thought to the realities of a nomadic lifestyle, or the struggles that come with constant travel. While… Read more »