On Challenging Norms

by Jennifer Dees Fact: Saying “bless you” after someone sneezes is believed to have originated during the sixth century plague, in hopes that it would ward off death. The plague’s gone, and we still say “bless you” when someone sneezes. We do a lot of strange, unnecessary things, and it’s hard to explain why other… Read more »

The Power of Hope

by Elaine Wallace Psychologists have long been aware of the importance of hope in helping us achieve our personal goals, but hope isn’t just a feel-good emotion that prompts us to work towards a promotion or try to lose a few pounds. According to economists, hope also plays a vital role in reducing world poverty…. Read more »

Wells Bring Hope’s 10th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser

On Sunday, September 23rd, philanthropist, Stanley Black welcomed Wells Bring Hope back to his home for the fifth year in a row for its 10th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser. Under twinkling lights and the night sky, WBH celebrated not only its 10th anniversary, but also the achievement of reaching a milestone goal – the drilling… Read more »

Water Action Decade

by Stephanie Coles 2018 marks the start of what the U.N. is calling “the Water Action Decade:” a decade-long quest to improve the world’s access to clean water. As outlined by the President of the United Nations General Assembly, “clean, accessible water is critical for sustainable development and the eradication of poverty and hunger, and… Read more »

Clean Water: Why accessibility to adequate water matters

by Britt Lipson March 22nd, 2018 was World Water Day, but not everyone observed it. Among those who didn’t celebrate were the people of Cameroon who are suffering from frequent water cuts which means the water is turned off and stops running. As a result, water is not easily accessible. Schools in Cameroon are particularly… Read more »

The Superpowers of Desert Animals

by Lilia Leung Over 80% of Niger’s land mass lies in the Sahara Desert, an arid region with an annual rainfall of a few inches or less. All animals on earth require water to survive, but desert animals have evolved the incredible ability to survive in hot, dry climates by making the best use possible… Read more »

Wrestling: King of Sports

by Jennifer Dees Horse racing, camel racing, football, and rugby are among the popular sports in Niger. Nigeriens have medaled twice in the Olympics, winning a bronze medal in light welterweight boxing in 1972 and a silver medal in taekwondo in 2016. As Kate wrote in one of her posts, one man even represented Niger,… Read more »

My Conversation with Barbara Goldberg

by Christine Clemons As we celebrate the ten year anniversary of Wells Bring Hope, I had the chance to meet with Founder and President of Wells Bring Hope, Barbara Goldberg. We talked about Wells Bring Hope, what inspires her and some of her favorite memories. One of Barbara’s favorite memories with Wells Bring hope was… Read more »

Rethinking H20

When Wells Bring Hope began nearly ten years ago, our founder, Barbara Goldberg, decided to focus our efforts on only one country. We chose to drill wells only in Niger because it is the poorest country in the world, but there are people struggling with water security around the world, and today, we’d like to… Read more »

Philanthropic Messages in Super Bowl LII

by Meghan Rees Super Bowl LII: Tom Brady. Nick Foles. Justin Timberlake. We all know the Sunday superstars who took the field and entertained us at halftime. But the Patriots and Eagles weren’t the only ones scoring touchdowns in last night’s game. The Super Bowl is known for airing new commercials with innovative perspectives and… Read more »