Report on the Situation in Niger

By Tawanda Mukwekwezeke Niger faces a complex array of challenges: food insecurity, malnutrition, disease outbreaks, education disruptions, population displacement, and natural calamities, as documented in UNICEF’s recently released report. There is an ongoing need for comprehensive interventions to help alleviate the impact of these conditions on vulnerable communities. Malnutrition, particularly among children under five, stands… Read more »

Changing The Tide in Niger

By  Stephenie Griffin If the world is an ocean, Niger is rowing against a mighty current but refusing to be pulled under by the waves of adversity. Nigerien society remains in the midst of civil unrest, food insecurity, and long periods of drought. Many people lack the most basic necessity of all – potable water… Read more »

Niger’s Economic Boom

By Tawanda Mukwekwezeke Despite facing economic challenges and being classified as a low-income country, Niger is emerging as a beacon of positive change and resilience on the global stage. In the face of adversity, Niger is charting an upward trajectory with a forecasted 12.5% GDP growth in 2024, outshining many other nations. The nation’s resourcefulness… Read more »

The Coup in Niger

by Will Beeker On July 26, Nigerien President Mohamed Bazoum was detained by presidential guards in his own home, which marked the beginning of a coup which is still ongoing. Bazoum fled to a safe room, calling global leaders for help, while the next day General Abdourahmane “Omar” Tchiani appointed himself head of the country’s… Read more »

Implications of Niger’s High Birth Rate

by Omesh Prathiraja Niger has the world’s highest birth rate. With an average of over seven children per woman, this demographic phenomenon presents opportunities, such as a growth in the labor force and a youthful population that can bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas into various sectors in Niger. However, it also presents challenges for… Read more »

Water Scarcity and Malnutrition: An Interconnected Challenge

By Tawanda Mukwekwezeke The global issues of water scarcity and malnutrition are closely intertwined. An exploration of this complex relationship reveals how lack of access to clean water perpetuates the cycle of hunger and poor health. In regions without reliable access to safe drinking water, people often suffer and die from preventable illnesses that can… Read more »

Transforming Schools, Transforming Futures

By Kayleigh Redmond and Kayla Ruff In 2021, 21 Nigerien children died when their school, which was made of straw, caught on fire. Not only were these straw buildings deemed physically unsafe, they were also considered to be unsuitable for students’ growth and development. Now, more than ever it is imperative for children to have… Read more »

Launch of the BIOFIN Initiative Brings Hope for a Sustainable Future in Niger

By Kayla Ruff Source: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay The Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) was officially launched in Niger on March 22, 2023. BIOFIN is a global partnership launched by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the European Commission, and the initiative works to measure existing biodiversity expenditure levels, assess future financial needs, and design… Read more »

African Drone and Data Academy Empowers Nigerien Youth

By Amber Persson Imagine that a mother of five in rural Niger suddenly develops a fever, headache, and nausea; the diagnosis—malaria. She must receive treatment as soon as possible before the swift-acting disease develops further. Unfortunately, her community is largely inaccessible by road, and there are no hospitals in the vicinity. It could take several… Read more »

Water Access Can Reduce Violence

By Will Beeker Access to clean drinking water in Niger provides numerous benefits, one of which is a reduction in violence in its many forms. Studies have shown a connection between water scarcity and violence in the Sahel region of Africa, but also anywhere there is limited access to clean water. Even small variability in… Read more »