Why Undocumented Births in Niger are a Big Problem

by Anna C. Niger, the poorest country in the world, is home to 19 million people. It borders Nigeria and is named for the Niger River. In 2017 alone, the population grew just over 3 percent, with an average of 44 births for every 1,000 people.  Nearly 20 percent of the population live in cities,… Read more »

Sew Empowering: How Sewing Classes are Changing Lives

by Shayna Watson The phrase “doing well by doing good” has been said many times to express the importance of making an impact with our altruistic actions. Documentaries like “Poverty Inc.” warn us about the dangers of giving to communities in need without allowing them to make a future for themselves. With good intentions, aid… Read more »

Preschooler’s Water PSA

A quick PSA from blogger Andrea Levin’s daughter Lily: Back in 2010, two years before the California drought officially started, we had already attempted to teach our then 4-year-old daughter the importance of water conservation. Apparently, it worked because one day my husband turned the camera on her and she launched into this unscripted water… Read more »

Social Justice in 3rd Grade

One of the best invitations I’ve ever received was from a third grade class, made up of 7 and 8 year olds at NOW (New Open World) Academy. The invitation said that I, along with a few others, had been recognized as a “local hero” who has fought for social justice, and they wanted to present me with the “NOWbel Peace Prize.” What an honor!

Gardens Flourish in the African Desert

As a seventh grader at the Chadwick School in Palos Verdes, CA, Kate McEvilly, was inspired when she first heard Gil Garcetti talk about the desperate need for safe water in West Africa. When she entered high school two years later and was able to formally start a club at her school, she officially launched the Wells Bring Hope Club. With her passion, drive, and determination, Kate attracted over 30 volunteers. One year later, they had raised enough money to fund a well in the village of Mossipaga in rural Niger, West Africa.

Schools Support Wells Bring Hope – L.A. High

I became a member of the Water Circle at my school, Los Angeles High, last year and gained great interest in the Interact Club that started it. I was introduced to it by our former club president, Dennis Ojogho. After engaging in the mission of the club, I became so passionate and excited to organize events to fundraise for our mission. I clearly remember the water walk we had last year. It was such a great experience, and I was so happy to know that all my peers helped out and participated. After Dennis graduated, I was privileged to take the position as President of the Water Circle.

Los Angeles Senior High School Holds Successful Water Walk

Despite very limited time to plan, Los Angeles Senior High School managed to have 53 students participate in its water walk on April 12. In order to understand what women in Africa must endure on a daily basis—trekking long distances to gather clean water—I brought four 80-pound cans of water for the students to take turns carrying during their one mile walk around the campus track at lunchtime.

Teen Volunteerism

Being a teenager is horrible in a lot of ways. It’s a point of your life when all of the pressures of adulthood are conferred upon you, without any of the merits. You’re starting to develop real opinions for the first time while every tiny drama turns into the greatest tragedy in human history because your body is slowly eating itself with hormones. But it’s also a point when you have the energy to sleep three hours a night and still have enough juice to whine about it the next morning. It’s a point when you can do absolutely crazy things for no reason whatsoever. It’s a point where you can spend all that energy writing bad poetry, partying ’til the break of dawn or, if you really want to, making a difference for the first time in your life.

Students Support Wells Bring Hope

This is the first in a series of blogs that will highlight the amazing fundraising efforts of schools that support Wells Bring Hope

Kevin Kilroy is ABC 7’s Cool Kid of the Week

Kevin Kilroy has long been one of our most inspiring supporters. We’ve been singing her praises ever since she raised enough money for two wells in a single weekend! In the year or so since she became passionate about saving lives with safe water, Kevin has raised over $40,000 and in in so doing, she has transformed the lives of thousands of people. This week, we’re proud to say that we’re not the only ones talking about how amazing Kevin is – ABC Eyewitness News chose her as their Cool Kid of the Week!