On Friday night, March 2nd, Wells Bring Hope was honored to be a part of Vistamar School’s 4th Annual “Soulful Celebration” in honor of Black History Month. It was a celebration expressed through music, dance and poetry, a thoroughly joyful evening presented by some very talented students and featured guest performers, Kym Foley, Phil Brooks and the Ohio Trio Plus Band.

Vistamar has taken up our cause, making WBH the beneficiary of their fundraising for Black History Month. They have also started the Vistamar School Water Circle for on-going fundraising efforts. Founder Barbara Goldberg was a featured speaker at Friday’s event. She talked about the connection between our cause, benefiting the people of West Africa and the resilience of the people of Niger, a characteristic worthy of being passed down from generation to generation. She told the audience about Halima, a Nigerien woman who lost 11 out of 12 children as a result of contaminated water. Barbara explained how her profound loss has motivated many donors to help prevent this from happening to other women.

We owe a deep debt of gratitude to WBH volunteer Iyob Tessema, originally from Eithiopia, who initiated our contact with Vistamar and brought about this fruitful connection.