by Kristopher Coulston

It is fascinating to think about the ways that a shared desire to make a difference can have a major impact. The yearning to do something great makes a difference in schools, non-profit organizations, communities, and individual lives around the world every day. Wells Bring Hope is an organization that is run by volunteers, which means this organization would not be able to operate without the cooperative effort of like-minded people. It it is energizing to consider all that can be accomplished in the world by the collective efforts of people demonstrating their basic humanity in a way that is important to them.

Every single day, organizations around the world rely on volunteers to help meet objectives and make progress. The progress that Wells Bring Hope has made in Niger is a great example of what volunteers can accomplish. Wells Bring Hope recently reached their goal of drilling 500 wells. 500 wells drilled means that half a million lives have been radically transformed by the life-changing power of access to clean water. The progress has changed lives and wouldn’t have been possible without the shared determination of Wells Bring Hope volunteers.

Cooperation and shared purpose play a crucial role in meeting objectives and making an impact. When you have a team of volunteers who share a vision for making a difference, they are unstoppable. As an African Proverb states, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Wells Bring Hope will continue to bring hope because of the shared vision and grit of their volunteers.

The inspiration to give back is what made Wells Bring Hope possible, and it is the very essence of what makes Wells Bring Hope great. The founder of this extraordinary organization, Barbara Goldberg, heard about the heartbreaking reality of the water crisis in West Africa, and was inspired to act, to give back and build something bigger than herself. The spirit of giving back continues to write the story and successes of this organization.

The impact that Wells Bring Hope, a primarily volunteer-run organization, has made in Niger overwhelms me with inspiration. The marked progress this organization has made is substantial evidence that volunteering transforms, not just lives but entire countries. Volunteerism will forever change Niger, and it is the very first volunteer who made it all possible, Barbara Goldberg.