by Stephanie Coles

If you are like me, you may occasionally find yourself facing an overwhelming feeling of helplessness in times of great crisis. Watching the news or reading the morning’s headlines can leave me paralyzed, unable to think of a response that could possibly make a difference.

It’s so easy to feel small during such times. What can one person do to help a region halfway across the world being torn apart by war, or by storms, or to help a village forced to live without basic necessities? “How can I realistically make any difference?”

The best way to help is to take action, no matter how small. It’s the cumulative efforts that add up to change. Find an organization whose mission you feel passionate about to adopt. One of the wonderful things about Wells Brings Hope is that 100% of donations go directly to transforming communities. Our team is almost entirely volunteers, so every penny donated is dedicated to the cause.

During the holiday season, our hearts feel just a little bit fuller, and people engage just a little bit more in giving to those with less fortunate circumstances than their own. Please consider donating to Wells Bring Hope. It costs $30 to grant someone access to clean water in Niger for life. This is the same amount of money it would normally cost you to go to the movies for a single night or to dinner at a reasonably priced restaurant. There’s nothing small about a gift like that. It’s a huge impact on a life for such a small effort of our own.

That’s why I’ve asked the people in my life to consider giving to Wells Bring Hope this year instead of traditional gifts. Here are some suggestions on how you can help.

Wear Your Support: By donating $50, you receive a necklace made from parts donated by our corporate partner, Watts Water Technologies. Share this with a loved one, or keep one for yourself as a reminder of what’s really important in life.

Wells Bring Hope has its own swag on Zazzle, found here: A tote bag, water bottle, or reusable coffee mug make great gifts!

Honor a Loved One: You can honor a loved one through a donation. It’s the perfect gift for your socially conscious friends, the aunt you never know what to buy for, or the person that has everything. The amount is not disclosed, and the recipient will receive a detailed certificate outlining the benefits and significance of the gift.

Be a Recurring Donor: Consider trying a new type of New Year’s resolution; become a recurring donor. You can give any amount at the interval of your choosing: weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Remember, only $30 can transform a life. You can reach that amount by giving up your latte even just once a month!

Start a Water Circle: Take charge and form your own fundraising campaign by starting a water circle. Engage with your family and friends and encourage donations from those that like to give back this time of year. For $5,600, you can fund an entire well! Leveraging the power of communities is a great way to make a big impact.

Wells Bring Hope is dedicated to bringing clean, safe water to the people of Niger. Please consider sharing your generosity through a donation to our organization. You can make a world of difference. Happy Holidays!